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Catalonia's Routes

The routes of Palau Robert in Wikiloc

The Palau Robert makes routes of all the regions of Catalonia for the citizens available. These itineraries allow to discover the territory in an attractive and simple way in a platform like Wikiloc. They are all revised and updated, and they have the texts in Catalan and Castilian, and a part are also translated into the English, with special attention in the most outstanding routes and the big pools.

These itineraries are part of a set of routes of the Generalitat that will be being broadened in the future with itineraries of other departments.

The Generalitat de Catalunya, in the model of opening and realization of data that it promotes, he opens all the routes of Palau Robert -tracks, images and explanatory texts– so that they can be reused by companies, tour operators, consortiums, entities of the leisure, etc, offering an opportunity so that they bring value there and can generate, in turn, opportunities of business.

 We have filmed videos of the most representative routes of Catalonia. We will be broadening the collection little by little.


Rutes de Catalunya amb vídeo

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