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  • "Comediants: Inventors of a New Language"

    Images of this exhibition, on display in Room 3

  • Camí Vora Ter. Torelló-Manlleu

    Camí Vora Ter. Torelló-Manlleu

    El Camí Vora Ter, que discurre por la comarca de Osona, forma parte del sendero de gran recorrido GR 210. El itinerario atraviesa antiguas colonias textiles, bosques de ribera, de media montaña, poblaciones y espacios agrícolas e industriales, lugares que tienen en común el aprovechamiento ancestral del río.

  • Castellterçol and the surrounding area

    Castellterçol and the surrounding area

    This is an itinerary which allows you to discover the historic and architectural heritage of the area of Castellterçol. In the village itself, you can visit the Museum House of Prat de la Riba, a distinguished Catalan son of the village, as well as the church of Sant Fruitós and, on the outskirts, the castle and the hermitage of Sant Miquel.

  • Ideal route for families: From Santa Fe de Montseny To L'Empedrat de Morou

    Ideal route for families: From Santa Fe de Montseny To L'Empedrat de Morou

    This itinerary allows you to discover an area of great beauty and lushness in Montseny Nature Park, declared a World Biosphere Reserve. The whole route is signposted. At the end of the excursion we recommend a visit to the Information Centre of Can Casades Nature Park, where the route begins. 

  • From Aitona to Utxesa reservoir

    From Aitona to Utxesa reservoir

    An itinerary round the Aitona district, which winds along by the River Segre and the canal network (dating back to the early 20th century), which was established for irrigation and electricity supply purposes. You climb to the historical location of Sant Joan de Carratalà, from where the view stretches many kilometres into the distance; you descend to the crop and fruit fields, visit the old factory village of La Canadenca, or Canadiense, the company that built the canals and the hydroelectric power station of Seròs, and you encounter the magnificent landscape surrounding the Utxesa reservoir.