FLAIX FM is glad of his looking in the future 25 years of radio in the Palau Robert with an exhibition

FLAIX FM, first Catalan radiofórmula dedicated exclusively to the dance music, he revises the past, reflects on the present and thinks of the future to the exhibition “FLAIX 2042”, which is presented to the Palau Robert to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the broadcasting station.


How will the radio be listened to in 25 years? How will it be made? What will mean, then, to be the megaradio? To reply these questions and to make the futurology of future the collaboration of the commissioners Rosa Pera and Ricard Robles (SONAR), and Technological Prof. Brian Subirana de l'Institut of Massachussets (MIT) has been counted on.

The exhibition, which will be able to be visited of the 27th June in the 19th October, is a production of FLAIX FM, with the support of the Generalitat de Catalunya and the collaboration of Cellnex Telecom, Hewlett Packard, Omen by HP and Ben Q.

From 27th June to 19th October, Room 2

FLAIX FM, created in 1992, has acted as loudspeaker of emergent trends and as engine of the industry linked to the electronic music, the leisure and the entertainment. And he has achieved an important impact with an own language and with some communicators that fulfill 25 years of eternal youth. The broadcasting station has grown in audience and territory, and more than 300,000 persons follow daily. The world has changed very much from then, as well as the way to inform itself, to listen and to enjoy the music has made it. The who before passive listeners were, now remote and interconnected participants who experiment are and share contents without hourly nor geographical limitations.



Four design studios from Barcelona collaborate in the project with four facilities for this exhibition. The itinerary starts in the ground floor, with the intervention of Opisso Studio in the shop window, with a graphic diorama constructed from data related with the music, the audience and the activity developed by FLAIX FM in its 25 years of history.

We find them the rest of facilities in Room 2. Alex Posada (MID) has created an interactive dial to relive again the spirit of Flash, while listening programs, jingles and songs that can be tuned in a chronological dial that it allows to appeal 25 years of FLAIX FM.

The mobility of the radio interconnected it is the subject that it has served to Anna Fuster and to Daniel Julià (Pimpampum) to carry out an installation of video that it intercepts the participation of the listeners in time real; that one who inhabits it will be able to visualize at real time how the audience interacts with the music and the Flaix contents.

Finally, Onionlab has synthesized, in a space immersiu, the futurologies of the experts through the creation of environments of virtual reality that allow the visitors to experience the future from the gallery itself.

About exhibition FLAIX 2042 there is also foreseen all a series of activities like lectures, debates and workshops, which have been programmed parallelly during 4 months of the exposure, to the Palau Robert.





Aparador de l'exposició. Foto: Miquel Coll


Experiència VR que trobareu a l'exposició. Foto: Miquel Coll