The exhibition ‘Mediapro Live: the live broadcast revolution’ reveals the human effort and technological evolution that enable information and entertainment to be delivered instantly worldwide.

Visitors can interact with around one hundred tablets, don virtual reality glasses, experience an immersive screening in a marquee set up in the gardens, or visit the biggest mobile unit in Spain.

The marquee in the gardens is hosting a programme of around 50 side events on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evenings, with screenings of MEDIAPRO Group productions.

We experience the world live through the images that reach us of what is happening. It seems there are no longer any distances, and information and entertainment reach us from any corner of the world the moment they occur. But what’s behind each image? The exhibition ‘MEDIAPRO LIVE: the live broadcast revolution’ reveals the human efforts and the technological evolution that allow information and entertainment to be instantly beamed all over the world. To do so, the exhibition, which is being held from 30 May to 24 September at Palau Robert, involves visitors in an interactive, immersive experience.

The exhibition lets visitors look back over some of the most iconic images of the last two decades, take part in a script meeting using 360º technology with the team from the TV show El Intermedio, and view the beating heart of the MEDIAPRO Group through 100 touchscreen tablets featuring the work and figures of the biggest audiovisual group in Europe. You’ll get to know 50 of the people whose work or vision of the world have influenced the Group’s history, and discover the creativity and effort that lie behind the hundreds of projects that MEDIAPRO has instigated in the last 24 years, many of which have been distinguished with top-level awards.

Illustrator Maria Corte was behind the poster design, a heart that forms the pulse of the professionals at MEDIAPRO whose work, with the broadcast of the images that record and disseminate the world we live in, also makes our own hearts beat faster. Having graduated from the Massana Art and Design School in 2009, this intriguing and vibrant illustrator’s work has appeared in international publications such as The New York Times, Corriere della Sera and The Wall Street Journal.


Foto: Vanessa Miralles

The exhibition takes a journey through nine different areas

‘MEDIAPRO LIVE: the live broadcast revolution’ occupies an area of 450 square metres and is divided into nine different areas, seven of which occupy the second floor of the Palau Robert building.

The tour starts with the Live space which plunges visitors into the reality of the world we live in with an exhibition of the most iconic images of the last 24 years. It continues with the Entra (Enter) area which invites visitors to enter the diversity of projects on which MEDIAPRO has worked. Using 360º glasses you can see how the television series Nit i Dia was made or what happens at a script meeting of the TV show El Intermedio. Visitors can also interact using around one hundred touchscreen tablets distributed around the space, making up a mosaic in which visitors are invited to discover the work of the more than 5,100 professionals who work for the MEDIAPRO Group in an entertaining format.

The installation Noms (Names) pays homage to some of the professionals and colleagues who have marked the history of the Group on a vertical split screen. Professionals, artists, people whose personalities or actions have left their imprint on the Group and its projects, from Fernando Leon, Johan Cruyff and Woody Allen to Pepe Rubianes and Paolo Sorrentino. In the Idees (Ideas) area, a pile of papers frozen in time gives you an insight into what is behind every project and every idea thanks to the mapping generated by four projectors. Ideas and projects that have been distinguished in the form of the numerous awards – over 400 – won by the Group over the last 24 years. An Oscar, a Golden Globe, a BAFTA and various Goyas are just a few of the 50 awards on display.

The tour of the second floor of Palau Robert continues with a very special interview. In the Set area, Clara Segura, Gran Wyoming and Ram Tellen will be on hand to interview anyone who fancies putting themselves in the interviewee’s chair.

And there are still another two areas to come: Som (Us), which interactively shows the 150 projects on which the MEDIAPRO Group has worked during its lifetime, and an area dedicated to virtual reality and creativity where visitors can interact with the work of artist Miquel Barceló and create a virtual work of art on the dome of the United Nations hall in Geneva.

‘Mediapro Live: the live broadcast revolution’ continues in the gardens of Palau Robert with a multifaceted marquee in which visitors can immerse themselves in everything that is involved in the broadcast of a Barça-Real Madrid match to more than 160 countries, the sporting event with the world’s biggest audience. The video We live football reviews the perfectly streamlined operation that allows all the emotion and passion of football to be conveyed to every corner of the world.

But in order for football or any other up-to-the-minute event to be viewed by millions of people, one final element is necessary: the Mobile Unit. This is somewhere that very few people have the chance to see, and MEDIAPRO is opening it to visitors so they can take a look at one of the biggest mobile units in Europe where all kinds of televised events are produced.


Foto: Vanessa Miralles


Foto: Vanessa Miralles

Around 50 activities are planned for the marquee in the gardens

To round off the tour, Palau Robert and the MEDIAPRO Group have organised a series of screenings featuring the Group’s most iconic projects. These will take place on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evenings in the marquee set up in the gardens. During the day the marquee will house an exhibition space, and when it closes at 20:00 on Wednesdays, Thursday and Fridays it will host the screening of films, television series, plays and concerts produced by MEDIAPRO, adding to the wide range of activities taking place in the city of Barcelona this summer.

The programme kicks off with the film Llach: The Permanent Revolt and will include all the plays that have starred Pepe Rubianes, a marathon of the TV series The Young Pope starring British actor Jude Law and directed by Italian director Paolo Sorrentino, the Woody Allen films produced by MEDIAPRO, e-sports exhibitions and Barcelona, The Rose of Fire, the film about the city with narrations by Pep Guardiola (in Catalan), Woody Allen, Benedetta Tagliabue (in Italian), Olga Kurilenko (in Russian), Daniel Brühl (in German), Eric Abidal (in French) and Rinko Kikuchi (in Japanese). You can even watch movies that have not yet been released in Spain such as the Cuban film Esteban, which is racking up international awards.

For details of the programme of all the side events, visit the exhibition website.



Foto: Vanessa Miralles


Foto: Palau Robert

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Horari de les activitats: 20.30 h.
Les projeccions són en versió original, excepte "Barcelona, la rosa de foc" que es projecta en 8 idiomes diferents.




Update:  23.05.2017