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"Kosmos Panikkar" explores the world of the Catalan philosopher and theologian

Palau Robert presents the exhibition "Kosmos Panikkar" to disseminate and debate among citizens, with an educational and creative discourse, the exceptional but generally unknown work of a philosopher who has delved into topics such as interculturality, interreligious dialogue and spirituality.

03/10/2018 07:10


This is one of the activities planned for the Panikkar Year, the commemoration of the one hundredth anniversary of the philosopher’s birth, which is organised jointly by the Government of Catalonia and the Barcelona Provincial Council, with Ignasi Moreta as a curator. Xavier Serra Narciso and Ignasi Moreta are also the curators of the exhibition, organised by the Institució de les Lletres Catalanes (Institute of Catalan Letters) and Palau Robert, which can be visited from October 11th to February 3rd in Room 1 of Palau Robert.

Panikkar is, alongside Ramon Llull, one of the most important figures that have shared the Catalan thinking with the world. Panikkar’s reflections about intercultural and interreligious dialogue contribute to the understanding between people with different world views. Therefore, to encourage the reading of Panikkar’s works is also to promote social cohesion. The exhibition takes us into his thoughts, it helps to forget the caricature-like image that has been linked to the character and invites visitors to meditate (one of the spaces is a meditation room).

One of Panikkar’s fundamental books is The Cosmotheandric Experience. In this book Panikkar explains that reality has three dimensions: the cosmic (nature), the human (human being) and the divine (God). None of these dimensions is superior to the other, and it is possible to find all three dimensions in every fragment of reality.

The exhibition is divided into three areas: Kosmos, Anthropos and Theos, which are the cosmic, the human and the divine dimensions.