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Music with a woman's voice

The Palau Robert is offering visitors an opportunity to undergo a sonic and documentary immersion in the feminine musical universe of the Catalan Countries at the exhibition 'D'ONES: Women's (r)evolution in music,' which features 1,000 female artists from throughout the last century, in compositions, songs and video clips.

02/11/2017 10:11


The exhibition, which can be visited in Room 3 of the Palau Robert in Barcelona between 10 November and 23 April, has been organised by the Government of Catalonia, is curated by the Enderrock Group, and supported by the Catalan Institute for Women.

'D'ONES: Women's (r)evolution in music' is a graphic and sound exhibition featuring 1,000 female artists from all over the Catalan-speaking Lands from throughout the last century, highlighting and paying tribute to their contributions in this area of culture. For the first time in Catalonia, the exhibition takes the visitor on a journey across the different musical genres with women's voices, with singers, composers and instrumentalists.

The sonic and visual landscape ranges from lullabies and folk songs to classical and contemporary music and opera, by way of popular and folk music, poetry, lyrical song, jazz and blues, rock and punk, pop and urban music. A total of a thousand songs can be heard and seen on the selectors in each of the exhibition's style areas; in these ten areas, visitors will be able to discover an original and unprecedented sonic landscape, containing the most significant milestones in the history of Catalan music from a female perspective.

The exhibition highlights the evolution in terms of the quantitative and qualitative increase in female voices as a result of the dissemination of musical styles over the last 100 years. New attitudes among creators and performers emerged during this period, after a long period during which so many female voices were silenced. The exhibition is a recognition of women's empowerment in all social, political and cultural areas. It also highlights their contributions in a dizzying array that vibrates and explodes in melodies and songs.

The exhibition aims to take the visitor on an engaging sonic and graphic journey through ten styles in which the leading voices of Catalonia, the Valencian Country and the Balearic Islands resonate along a path full of vitality. This path begins with lullabies, is inspired by classical music and imbibes folk music, travels through lyrical song and jazz, explodes with pop, rock and punk, and finally ends energetically in the urban music of our streets.

As in the words of Maria-Mercè Marçal's landmark poem, the title 'D'ONES: Women's (r)evolution in music' refers to the sonic revolution on the female scene, which did not take place overnight, but rather is the result of a process of evolution lasting centuries. This is the theme that provides the structure for the exhibition, according to the curator and music journalist at Enderrock Helena Morén Alegret, and in recent years it has accelerated and expanded with new formats and horizons.