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Exhibition about Catalan eco-design

An exhibition at the Palau Robert shows the liveliness of Catalan eco-design with products designed to environmental standards which won prizes in the 2015 and 2017 Catalonia Eco-design Awards.

06/09/2017 09:09

The "Catalonia Eco-design Award" exhibition, organised by the Ministry of Planning and Sustainability, hosts the two travelling exhibitions of the 2015 and 2017 Catalonia Eco-design Awards which display the winning entries and the ones that received a special mention from the judging panel. The 2015 awards are on show from 8 September to 18 October and their 2017 counterparts from 19 October to 19 November in Room 4 at the Palau Robert.

The exhibition aims to bring eco-design closer to design professionals, students and the general public to publicise this concept and promote the consumption of eco-design products.

Since 2001 the Government of Catalonia has sponsored an award that recognises innovative, quality and environmentally-sustainable products to change production and consumption models. Initially it was a Design Award for Recycling, but since 2015 has been the Catalonia Eco-design Award while also expanding its scope to take in all the aspects involved in product sustainability such as saving resources, designing new consumption models, optimising end of life, etc.
The Award recognises products currently on the market, products under development and product promotion strategies which are designed to improve the environmental performance of products and services throughout their lifecycle. In addition it aims to encourage the inclusion of eco-design to drive the manufacture and consumption of sustainable products and services in Catalonia. The Award is part of the Catalan Eco-design Strategy (Ecodiscat) promoted by the Ministry of Planning and Sustainability in the Government of Catalonia.