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The festival of documentary photography DOCfield 2018, at Palau Robert

Palau Robert presents three exhibitions of the official selection of documentary photography of the festival DOCfield 2018 Barcelona: “Senior Love Triangle”, “The Family Imprint” and “Family Portrait”.

06/11/2018 09:11

In the garden of Palau Robert you can find, from the 8th of November to the 9th of December, the exhibition "Senior Love Triangle" of the photographer Isadora Kosofsky. It is a work that documents the love conflict between Jeanie, Will and Adina, three seniors who defy the socio-cultural rules established on the elderly and that live their love conflict as a shelter against the loneliness of growing old.

The first floor of Palau Robert hosts the exhibition "The Family Imprint", of the photographer Nancy Borowick. It is a documentary work that tells the story of the Borowick family. It can be visited from the 29th of October to the 3rd of February. The author recounts the experiences of her parents, who received treatment for a cancer at the same time and died within 364 days from each other. It is a work that focuses on the strength and love of the couple in their life before death.

The entrance display of Palau Robert shows the exhibition “Family Portrait” from the 8th of November to the 3rd of February. It is a collective photographic installation that was created with an open call to professional photographers and that wants to reflect on family, clans, tribes and relationships and their usual formal representation, based on the idea that family is not only what you get, but also what you produce.

The DOCfield festival is a collective initiative of the city led by the Photographic Social Vision Foundation and that recognises the value of documentary photography and photojournalism. DOCfield Barcelona celebrates its 6th edition with the theme "Love. Effects of affection". The festival has 7 official exhibitions and 16 shows in invited spaces, organises guided tours, film screenings and meetings with authors, and organises the 5th edition of the prize of photobook designs and a conferece for professionals of communications and of the third sector.