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A look at the family photography over time

The entrance display of Palau Robert presents, from November 8th to February 3rd, the 45 pictures chosen from the call of the Photographic Social Vision Foundation with the name "Family Portrait", during this edition of the DOCfield Festival Barcelona.

14/12/2018 11:12

More than 190 authors and a total of 747 photographs entered the call. Photographs of yesterday, today and always, of diverse geographical origin, of different styles, but always displaying a special sensitivity and an intimate bond with the picture, a link that goes back almost to the appearance of this sensitivity in the middle of the 19th century.

This collective photographic installation aims to reflect on family, clans, tribes and relationships and their representation, based on the idea that family is not only what you get, but also what you produce.

The photos of the entrance display, which introduce the other two exhibitions of the DOCfield that can be visited at Palau Robert, show the family photography, the main and popular means of representation of the domestic sphere. A photographic story that was born in Europe, with its own technique and conventions, and that was developed around the world. The family photography is characterised by the fundamental presence of the group, of a specific number of people with a close bond, with a collective emotional environment that unites and creates mutual understanding and support.


Autors/es, col·leccions i arxius
Els autors/es, col·leccions i arxius que presenten les fotos a la instal·lació de l’aparador són: Albert Bonsfills, Alberto Barba Pardal, Alex Llovet, Àngel García, Arxiu Marroyo, Carmen Hurtado, Carol Rodríguez, Col. Aut. Desconegut / Institut d’Estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya, Col.Merletti / Institut d’Estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya Col. Monteys/ Institut d’Estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya, Gerard Boyer, Hoodoolab, Héctor Mediavilla, Isabella de Maddalena, Joana Biarnés, Jordi Cané, Jordi Play, José Luis Méndez / arxiu familiar Leila Méndez, Luana Fischer, Lucia Herrero, Maite Caramés, Manel Úbeda, Miquel Llonch, Mireia Bordonada,Pablo Lerma, Patricia Esteve, Román Yñan, Sandra Gross, Serena Salvadori, Stephen Leslie, i Toni Arnau/ RUIDO Photo