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Palau Robert and DKV present the exhibition “Creators of Consciousness”

Palau Robert and DKV present the exhibition “Creators of Consciousness. 40 committed photojournalists”, which wants to pay tribute to the Spanish camera professionals who are risking their lives in armed conflicts, natural disasters or autarchical regimes.

13/12/2018 11:12

The showing is presented in Sala 3, from the 7th of September of this year to the 10th of February of 2019.

The exhibition presents unique scenes that invite reflection on situations that will connect with the collective conscience of the visitor.

This travelling exhibition is a project produced by the insurance company DKV on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of their actions of Social Responsibility, and that in Catalonia has the support of the Generalitat de Catalunya. The exhibition starts the tour at the Palau Robert in Barcelona, and afterwards it will go to Madrid, Zaragoza and Valencia.

"Creators of Consciousness" includes the work of 40 photojournalists, some with a long career, like Gervasio Sánchez, Kim Manresa, Sergi Cámara or Clemente Bernad and others a bit younger, such as Javier Corso, Manu Brabo, Samuel Aranda, Bernat Armangué or Lurdes Basolí.