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  • Nova Notícia (30.01.2015)
  • j   (23.01.2015)
  • From Prats de Lluçanès to Sant Andreu de Llanars   (15.01.2015)

    The natural county of Lluçanès falls within the boundaries of three administrative counties: Osona, Berguedà and Bages. It is a plateau and a natural mirador rising above these three counties of Central Catalonia, where the relief is gentle and accessible. It is an environment where the development of rural tourism has allowed some of the old farmhouses and mills dotted around the landscape to be restored.

  • From Quart to Palol castle and church of Santa Margarida de Quart   (18.12.2014)

    This route is one offered by the Gironès CBTT and enables visitors to mountain bike entirely safely away from the Via Verda greenways while enjoying closer contact with nature and the local cultural heritage. This is a tranquil outing that begins at the reception point in Quart and takes in the churches in Palol d'Onyar and Quart, which are situated in peaceful, well-tended settings.

  • Pedalling around Barcelona (11.12.2014)
    A leisurely cycling route around the capital of Catalonia via cycle lanes. The tour gives you a feel for the city’s make-up, the various neighbourhoods and a number of exceptional features characterising its artistic and scenic heritage.

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